Chapter 8

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"I take it you don't you believe her?"

The High Witch considered the question for a moment. "I think that there may be ulterior motives or at least more to her explanation than she cares to share. But she is a grown witch and I trust her implicitly."

The Chambers fell quiet then, save for the occasional crackling of the fire. Witch and wizard seemed to be thinking far away thoughts, both of them mesmerized by the patterns within the flames.

The silence abruptly ended when both Khyrhyelle and Uriel began talking at the same time. They laughed, started at the same time again and argued over who should be first. Uriel forced Khyrhyelle to begin.

The High Witch crossed her legs and let her hands fall into her lap. Khyrhyelle still looked into the flames as she spoke. "I received some disturbing news concerning you last evening." She paused waiting for a reaction from Uriel. When she decided none was forthcoming she continued. "It would seem the King has become aware of your presence here as well as the unusual occurrences you have been involved in. He has requested that you travel to Bhel'Ehzz for questioning."

"I take it you didn't tell him about me?"

"No," the High Witch responded, "nor did I instruct anyone else to."

"How did he find out about me then?"

"Most likely through Athar." Uriel gave her a puzzled look so she explained. "Athar is King Nherycyn's Advisor, a very powerful position."

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