Chapter 8

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"Athar is also the most powerful wizard in the realm. He has access to a multitude of information and people. It is not an uncommon practice for him to use his spells to derive knowledge on a given situation. Though in all honesty, I must admit that as High Witch, I have my sources as well. However, there is also the matter of the prophecies."

Uriel thought about what to say. Although he had unintentionally given slight indications that he was unfamiliar with what transpired in the kingdom, he did not want to come right out and admit ignorance. The matter had now grown more serious, however. He decided a general question may suffice. "What about the prophecies?"

"The references to you are uncanny."

"Are they?"

Khyrhyelle stood up and offered Uriel her hand. "Come, I will show you."

Upon taking her hand, Uriel felt hot lightning streak through his body. For a moment all he could hear was his heart pound and the roar of blood rushing through his ears. He thought of Lynn and Danny then, the first time in a long time, and immediately felt the guilt weigh down upon him. He blushed darkly as a result of the combination. Fortunately for him, Khyrhyelle was herself engrossed in trying to dispel similar feelings.

Uriel tried to avert his eyes as he slowly disengaged his hand from Khyrhyelle's. "Where, uh, are we going?"

"To the library," she told him.

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