Chapter 8

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Khyrhyelle retrieved a torch, lit it and together with Uriel proceeded to leave the Chambers and walk silently to the library, each lost in examining buried feelings and desires. Neither one noticed a figure trailing them through the dark hallways from a distance.


Uriel looked up from the Sacred Scrolls. "I will admit there are some coincidental similarities, but most of this is… very vague. Stuff like this can be explained to fit almost anything—or anybody." He was trying very hard to sound nonchalant, particularly after seeing the reference to his brand of the pentagram.

"Uriel, they may be 'coincidental,' but they are accurate. As a young witch I studied the Scrolls for years. They have truthfully portrayed the events from the beginnings of Khaballe, through the millennia to the Great Mystical Wars and to the present." Khyrhyelle took the book from him and placed it back on a shelf.

"There is the advantage of hindsight," he argued. "As I said before, the interpretations could be adjusted to explain the situation. How do you, or anybody for that matter, know what the author truly meant?" He caught himself panicking and moved the subject to a slightly different area. "Who wrote this, anyway?"

"The authors are for the most part varied and unknown, generally believed to be from the Ahfham" the High Witch said in a cursory manner. She wished to return to the heart of the matter. "Uriel, I am not trying to establish guilt, nor am I judging you. I am trying to make you aware of how the events are being viewed by others."

"You don't just mean the King and his Advisor do you?"

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