Chapter 8

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"No," Khyrhyelle responded. She walked over to a window and looked out. "The Council and I had a bit of a disagreement."

Uriel felt his heart sink. I was starting to adjust to this place, just getting comfortable with Khyrhyelle and beginning to trust her, he thought. I was even going to ask—but it doesn't matter anymore. "You're sending me away to the King aren't you?" he said quietly.

Khyrhyelle turned from the window and stared straight into his eyes. She felt it time to inform him of her decision. "No, I am not. At the time you were to bring back Arhyvhynne I promised I would give you anything you desired, including your freedom. Should you wish to leave here now, I, nor any of the Witches of the Moons will attempt to bar your path. I have never gone back on my word and do not plan to begin to do so now. If I were you, however, I would carefully consider the alternatives to leaving at this time."

Uriel was shocked and touched at the same time. "You went against the entire Council?"

"No," the High Witch answered, "four were adverse to my thoughts of allowing you to choose your own destiny, two agreed."

"Your two daughters?"

"No, actually. Arhyvhynne was one, but the other was Lhynette."

"Would your decision have been the same if I was unsuccessful with Arhyvhynne?" ventured Uriel.

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