Chapter 8

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The room suddenly went cold. The grey of Khyrhyelle's eyes was of granite as she regarded Uriel. He knew that he made a mistake then. Better that he would have angered the High Witch instead of hurting her.

Khyrhyelle's voice forced its way into Uriel's mind, filling it and seemingly the entire library. I am High Witch of the Moons and I wear the Grey which I have earned. I have the power and the authority to do what I deem necessary and correct. I have chosen to spare you because I have not as yet unraveled your significance. Pity you my wrath if you are who they think you are. I can save or destroy as I see fit. The line is very fine, Uriel. See you do not force me to cross over it!

Khyrhyelle violently withdrew her voice from Uriel's mind, drawing the air from the room as well. Uriel staggered and supported himself against a table. Khyrhyelle spun around to leave but Uriel, though breathless, called to her.


The High Witch turned and glowered at him, eyes still smoldering.

Uriel was still trying to catch his breath. "Your Highness, I'm… sorry… I wasn't… I didn't mean…"

"Groveling does not become you. What do you want?" she asked him.

"Your advice," he said, trying to appease her.

Though Khyrhyelle read through his transparent act, she sighed and fought against the corners of her mouth from curling upwards. "Meaning?"

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