Chapter 8

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"Before, you said I should consider alternatives to leaving. What do you advise?"

"To remain here." The High Witch folded her arms across her chest. "Your presence was requested, not demanded. To go to Bhel'Ehzz could mean your death. Athar and Tomhylhen can both be very persuasive. They have probably made a strong case against you already and your supposed lack of memory would suit them well. In addition, your journey to the capital alone could be perilous. The Slayers may be lying in wait for you."

"You would… permit me to stay?"

"I gave you my word. As long as you do not interfere with us you may do as you like."

Uriel walked up close to Khyrhyelle and faced her. "Do you remember before, in the Chambers, when we both started to say something?" Khyrhyelle nodded once. "What I wanted to tell you was that I decided what I wanted in return for my 'service' to Arhyvhynne. I wanted to ask you if it would be all right for me to stay here and study. That is what I would like. What I want to know is if you would like the same thing."

The High Witch regarded him coolly. Wordlessly, she turned and walked down one of the aisles of books a ways, then stopped. She looked at the top shelf and ran her finger across several heavy volumes. Stopping at one, she pulled it out and walked back to Uriel.

Khyrhyelle handed him the book. "Start with this. If you have any questions seek me out. You may come and go as you please but you will have a Guardian with you at all times. She will inform you as to where you are allowed to go and what is permissible for you to do." The granite came back to her eyes. "Remember my words, Uriel. Do not cross me."

"Thank you, I will remember," Uriel said. The High Witch turned to leave but Uriel reached out and gently touched her shoulder. "You didn't really answer my question," he said to her back.

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