Chapter 8

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Khyrhyelle turned and looked at him for a long moment, considering what to say and then lowered her eyes. When she looked back up at him, she responded very quietly, "I thought I had."


Dhynelle kissed Qelharre and slowly removed her hand from the dark elf's small, naked breast. "You still seem troubled. Did you not enjoy our little… encounter?"

Qelharre sat up in the bed and stretched. "Yes, very much so," she said, not being completely truthful. Dhynelle was more of a consoler to Qelharre than a lover. It seemed that whenever the dark elf fell into one of her moods, Dhynelle would be there to comfort her mentally as well as physically. There were times when Qelharre did not mind it and even precipitated their liaisons. But there were also times when the dark elf felt remorse afterwards.

"Then what bothers you?" Dhynelle asked as she put her arm around Qelharre.

Qelharre shook her arm off, got up and began dressing. "The reason why we are here in the first place."

"Khyrhyelle and the wizard?"

The dark elf nodded. "I cannot believe she intends to keep him here even though we outvoted her," Qelharre said, the anger building. "We know little, if anything about him. And suppose Eyrmysse is right. Suppose he is aligned with Thaum or his minions in some way. She risks much by allowing him to stay and I cannot understand why."

"It is evident that she has more than a passing interest in him."

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