Chapter 8

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"You believe so?"


Dhynelle smirked. "I will wear white if she does not give herself to him before MidSummer Day." Dhynelle gave Qelharre a mock look of piety, making the elf laugh. "There is also the small matter of Arhyvhynne. Returning one's daughter from the dead must count for something."

"Yes, but Khyrhyelle is not the type to let personal matters influence her. You see how she is with Eyrmysse."

"Eyrmysse is her own person. And besides, she wears the black," Dhynelle added as an afterthought.

Qelharre no longer seemed sure of the reasons for her anger. Except that maybe Dhynelle had been transferring the extreme dislike of the wizard and situation to her. Dhynelle may truly care about her, but Dhynelle definitely cared about Dhynelle more. And Dhynelle was seriously frightened by the wizard. "Khyrhyelle is above that. Consider also that all Uriel has done was bring back Arhyvhynne and Ullyna—not exactly heinous crimes."

Dhynelle could sense Qelharre drifting away from her. "What of the prophecies?" When the dark elf responded by shrugging her shoulders she decided to play her trump card. "How soon we forget our little encounter with the SoulSlayers."

The mention of the Slayers immediately cast Qelharre into a deep depression. "I am afraid you are right," she said sadly. "We cannot afford to take a chance of that magnitude."

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