Chapter 8

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Dhynelle rose and walked to where Qelharre was standing. "He frightens me Qelharre. Something must be done about the wizard. Whether Athar's suspicions concerning the wizard and the prophecies are founded or not we cannot allow this to continue!"

As suddenly as Qelharre had become angry and then indifferent, she became emotional. "I fear for us. I would trust Khyrhyelle with my life, but…"

Dhynelle slowly drew her finger across Qelharre's cheek, gently took her hand and led her back to the bed.


No one saw or heard from Uriel for the next few days. He had confined himself to his room, leaving only when necessary. The reasons were simple. Ghemella was his Guardian and he did not relish having to ask her for anything (though she did check in on him periodically of her own accord). He also felt it would be a good idea to lay low, seeing that Khyrhyelle had gone out on a limb for him with her unpopular decision. But foremost was his engrossment in the study of the book which Khyrhyelle gave him. The book was a modern history of Khaballe, covering the time period from the end of the Great Mystical Wars to the present. With it, he began to understand more of the world he had chosen to serve.

Uriel was able to see a map for the first time and know where he was in relation to the rest of Khaballe. The early part of the book often made reference to the drastic changes that were wrought upon Khaballe and the rest of this world as a result of the Great Mystical Wars. Uriel, however, was unable to find any maps showing the previous lay of the land or anything of the Wars themselves.

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