Chapter 8

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Uriel was exhilarated over the knowledge he had obtained the last few days and was almost to the point of being obsessed with obtaining more. But there was so very much—too much—to think about that he was beginning to have trouble keeping it all straight.

Throughout the day a thought kept pushing its way to the front of his mind, acting as an impediment to his goal. In order to refill the cup, you must empty it first. With a new found burst of energy (he was on his fourth wind by now), Uriel pushed himself up from the bed. He stood defiantly, hands on hips and said to himself and anyone else that might be interested, "Sometimes you just gotta say 'What the…'"

Uriel walked to the door, opened it and spoke to Ghemella. "I want to see Khyr—the High Witch. Please," he added a little late.

The witch was preoccupied with sharpening her curved dagger. "I believe she has retired for the evening."


Ghemella took her eyes off the dagger. "What?"

"Nothing." Uriel fought with himself. If I don't go see her now… "Take me to her. Now."

Ghemella was taken off guard by Uriel and was uncertain for a moment. Her emotions went from shock to anger to distrust. She eyed him suspiciously. "I have to examine you—"

"You so much as try to touch me and I'll put you where I brought Arhyvhynne back from." Uriel put on his best bad-ass squint to hide his empty bluff.

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