Chapter 8

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"Yeah, sure. Look, I could still leave. I mean it's obvious you're tired—"

"The reason you are here must be very serious."

"What makes you say that?" Uriel said a little too quickly.

"The hour is very late. I fear you do not look much better than I—"

"Are you kidding? You look great." I don't believe I just said that. Uriel once again tried to find his imaginary hiding place.

Khyrhyelle flashed her dazzling smile and said, "Thank you." She moved to a closet and brought out a blanket, laid it on the floor next to the fireplace and indicated that Uriel should sit. "You are also quite nervous and are apparently trying to retreat from some sort of decision you have made."

"Am I that obvious?"

Khyrhyelle sat next to him in front of the fire. "What is obvious is that you are uncomfortable and have wanted to leave ever since you came to my door." The High Witch looked deeply into his eyes. "What are you afraid to tell me?"

Uriel turned his eyes away from her and gazed into the fire. A short time passed as the hypnotic patterns of the flames began to relax him. He was just about to speak when he received a paranoid thought that he had been put under a spell. His eyes went wild as he felt like a trapped animal.

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