Chapter 8

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Khyrhyelle was studying him all along, though she was determined to allow him as much time as he needed. When she saw the change come over him she took his hand in both of hers. "Uriel, what troubles you so?"

The concerned look in her eyes and the melodious sound of her voice chased away all doubt. It was as if Uriel realized for the first time what this woman had done and gone through for him. In this strange world of unknowns, shadows and danger, she had been his truth, light and protector. He wanted very much to just hold her and tell her what he felt then, but settled for just the former.

Khyrhyelle held Uriel, felt him shaking and tried to soothe and console him. After he settled down a bit, he stood, wiped his eyes and walked over to the window. While gazing out of it he said, "I regained my memory."

Khyrhyelle felt the sudden happiness in her heart cloud slightly. "Would it not be closer to the truth to just tell me that you trust me now?"

Uriel looked at her, overwhelmed by the emotion mirrored in her beautiful grey eyes. He decided to let the last veil drop. "Yeah," he said, managing a half smile, "I trust you." Though as he began to relate to Khyrhyelle the actual events surrounding his coming to Khaballe, he wondered if she would even believe him.

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