Chapter 9

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Similarly, the mood within the Towers of the Moons was also somewhat of a surprise. There had not been any more strange or alarming incidents to speak of. Nor had there been much of a reaction from Bhel'Ehzz concerning Uriel. A terse reply was received informing the High Witch that King Nherycyn held her personally responsible for Uriel. Admittedly though, the King and his Advisor may have been slightly more demanding had Khyrhyelle told them about Uriel's admissions. His revelations were accepted as truth by the High Witch and her Council. Though the Council remained a bit wary of him, only Dhynelle and Qelharre expressed their displeasure of the situation. Even Eyrmysse shifted her position and supported her mother. With Khyrhyelle feeling she had the support of the Council in the matter concerning Uriel, she decided to grant him access to most of the Towers without a Guardian at his side. He made good use of his privileges. While he enjoyed riding with Ullyna, he spent most of his time in the library partaking in earnest study.

Uriel had come to learn much regarding Khaballe, but shied away from exploring his obvious powers and delving into the magical arts. He did not feel comfortable with the concepts yet and had a great respect for power, realizing how easily one could be consumed by it. The latter increased his admiration for the witches. The fact that they could wield this enormous power, yet not be tinged by its darker side was remarkable. And Khyrhyelle, with the most power, yet the most unpretentious of them all, was in Uriel's eyes the most remarkable as well.

They had become close over the last month and a half since Uriel revealed the circumstances pertaining to his appearance. He often times visited Khyrhyelle full of unanswered questions and keen speculations. Many a night was spent in front of the fireplace in one of their rooms, discussing, comparing and contrasting Khaballe and Earth. Though nothing physical had developed, there was a definite tension there, present at all times. Khyrhyelle fought against her feelings for Uriel which had grown considerably. Likewise, the inner turmoil Uriel felt was beginning to eat away at him as well. While he admitted to himself that he enjoyed Khyrhyelle's company and found any excuse to be with her, still he felt pangs of guilt concerning Lynn.

Uriel was experiencing that exact discomfort when he heard the whisper of Khyrhyelle's voice echo in his mind. "Huh? Did you say something?"

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