Chapter 9

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"I still have a lot of questions."

"I suppose you would. Have you uncovered any reference to who your—our—nemesis is?"

Uriel screwed up his face in thought. "Not really. Based on the histories, my guess is Thaum, but who knows?" He suddenly got an idea. "Would it be possible to check out Daath Ul Thaum? You've seen it haven't you? Maybe you could see if anything strange is going on?"

The High Witch shook her head. "I have only seen the black fortress once, clairvoyantly, an event I would not be anxious to repeat. Even so, I do not know of anyone who could recognize the difference between strange and normal concerning that place. The dark ones there work strange magics."

"Which reminds me. I am still having difficulty with the concept of the distinctive Paths the different robes represent."

Khyrhyelle thought for a moment before she began. "There are primarily two distinct Paths, the right hand Path and the left hand Path." Her mentioning the Paths caused Uriel to recall his experience during his initiation. "We refer to them by color: the white and the black, which represent the two main forces behind your progression. The white seeks to aid in the progression of the group and prefers creation; the black works individually and for the purpose of destruction. The white searches for the points of synthesis; the black for poles of opposition. The white works with spirit; the black with matter and form. The white desires evolution; the black, involution. You may consciously choose the Path you will tread when you have attained a certain level in your progression, as we witches do in an initiation ceremony. Most, however, live their entire life, or lives for that matter, without consciously being aware of the Path they are walking."

Uriel was shaking his head. "Why would one choose the black Path?"

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