Chapter 9

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"First of all, do not associate the Paths with good and bad. Good and bad, right and wrong, they are all societal labels meant to keep the masses from self destruction. Most look at things subjectively. You must learn objectivity. You must come to understand relativity. What may be viewed as evil and wicked on one level may be deemed necessary and correct on another."

Uriel gave the High Witch a puzzled look. "So what the black robes follow and believe is… correct?"

Khyrhyelle shrugged her shoulders. "Each person is unique. One may unknowingly play a significant part in a larger scheme and thus be required to follow a certain Path. One may be on a specific Path in order to work off the karma of a previous life. Remember the symbolism of the wheel. Though the spokes all begin at different places and the Paths they take to the center run at differing angles—sometimes directly opposite of one another—the ultimate goal is the same: to reach the center."

Uriel fought with the concept, something still bothering him. "What about really evil people—like Thaum for instance? Are you trying to tell me there is a purpose for what he did—and may be doing now, that someone is doing this in order to bring about certain events that the gods deem necessary?"

"I am not a god nor do I profess to know their reasons. Nor do I know the purpose for each individual Soul in existence. I can tell you this, however. What you consider evil is a level, a state of being which at one time was regarded as good, which should have been left behind, in order to progress to a greater and more inclusive good."

"Stagnation?" Uriel asked.

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