Chapter 9

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Uriel frowned. But what does it mean? He tried an easy way out. "Meaning the purpose of life is to become balanced."


"By striving to progress," Uriel responded, quite unsure of himself.

The High Witch smiled. "Nice words, but meaningless. Can you have positive without the negative?"


"Can you have only one side of a coin? Can you have only light? Or darkness? How can light exist without darkness or darkness without light? Are they not dependent on each other for their own definition?" She could see Uriel was having trouble understanding the concept. She tried an example closer to home. "You spoke of this energy on your planet called 'electricity.' Is it all positive?"

"What do you mean?"

"Is electricity made up of entirely positive energy?"

"No," Uriel said. "It consists of charges of protons, neutrons and… electrons. The electrons are negative."

"Are these electrons bad or evil?"

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