Chapter 9

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"Bad or evil? They're just charges of energy. How could they be bad or evil."


Uriel gave her a frustrated look. "I don't think I understand."

"The secret is to understand both and balance them. Positive and negative, white and black, male and female, spiritual and material, stars and moons, they are all parts of the whole. When you blend the two Paths so that they merge into one, you have balance, you have the grey. You see everything as a part of the whole."

Uriel was overcome, both by the knowledge itself and Khyrhyelle's imparting of it. "How is it you came to wear grey?"

The High Witch was solemn. "That I cannot reveal. Would you be able to if that question were asked of you?"

"I can understand why you wear the grey. But what about me? It must be a mistake—or a joke."

"Spiritually, you are at the same level as I. You must now achieve the same level in the physical world. You must gain the experience that will attune your physical body to your Soul."

"What about the others, though? I can see how you are above the others and are High Witch because you wear grey. But are there different levels associated with the different Paths?"

Khyrhyelle shook her head. "First of all, I am not 'above' anybody. A little farther down the Path perhaps, but not above or better. For example, if we set out on a journey, and I began before you did, would I be better than you?"

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