Chapter 9

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"Of course not," Uriel responded.

The High Witch continued. "Anything I may have learned by starting out before you might not even be beneficial to you because you might choose a different path than I did for your journey. It simply might not apply. And even if we did choose the same path, we are still two different people. What was successful for me may actually work to inhibit your progress. Not to mention that what I was meant to experience on the journey may be different than you."

Uriel was awed. Even though it was a very different perspective for him, he immediately grasped the simple truth of it.

Khyrhyelle proceeded to address the rest of the question. "Secondly, the High Witch does not necessarily wear grey. The vast majority of all the High Witches have been white or black robes." Uriel seemed surprised at this and the High Witch tried to help him with it. "The 'levels' you ask about are referred to as grades. We have eight."

The High Witch went on to explain the system of progression for the Witches of the Moons. "The first three grades are designed to have the student learn the theory, practice and philosophy of witchcraft. A novice that arrives at the Towers and devotes her life to our practices begins at the grade of Theorycus. When she demonstrates that she comprehends the tenets set before her, she is then allowed to begin to practice the Arts under the grade of Practycus. When one exhibits a certain level of competence, she advances to Phylosophus, where she begins the study of metaphysics and is exposed to a higher level of complexity in the Arts. Most of the Guardians fall into the grades of Practycus or Phylosophus. Ghemella, for instance, has been newly elevated to the grade of Phylosophus. She is more than adequate in spellcraft but needs to strive to understand the underlying concepts behind the practice of the Arts."

"What about the Council?" Uriel asked.

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