Chapter 9

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"Not so fast," Khyrhyelle said as she smiled. "At the grade of Phylosophus, the procedure changes slightly. In the first two grades, when one demonstrates competence at one level, they progress to the next. However, the grade of Phylosophus is designed to lead the student to the level of teacher; from novice to master. To progress from Phylosophus to Adeptus Mynor, one must master the knowledge of the Adeptus Mynor level before one is elevated to the grade."

"How long does this take?"

"Sometimes months, sometimes years. It depends entirely on the dedication of the student. The process is the same when one desires to advance beyond Adeptus Mynor. There are two further grades, Adeptus Major and Adeptus Exemptus. In order to be considered for a seat on the Council, one must have at least achieved the fourth grade, Adeptus Mynor."

"Would it be improper to ask what grades the Council members have?" Uriel was a little embarrassed at his request.

"Not at all," the High Witch responded. "Their grades are known to any who know how to decipher the markings on their robes. Of the black robes, both Qelharre and Dhynelle are Adeptus Mynor. Eyrmysse is an Adeptus Major." Uriel face showed an added respect for Khyrhyelle's black robed daughter. "Of the white robes, Arhyvhynne and Lhynette are Adeptus Majors. Wyxotte has attained the level of an Adeptus Exemptus. Although I really do not know if she still has command of all that grade entails."

"And yourself? I take it you are an Adeptus Exemptus."

"No, I am not. There are two further grades which are only available to those who wear the grey. The wisdom imparted in the grades of Magyster Temply and Magus would be lost upon those who wore the white or the black. The six previous grades can be viewed from a black or white perspective. The final two grades require the blending of the two Paths into one. And in case you are wondering, I am of the Magyster Temply grade."

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