Chapter 9

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"Are there advantages exclusive to each grade? Can Wyxotte tell Lhynette what to do, for instance?"

"The grades are merely signs to indicate to one's Self how far one has travelled down the Path and how much farther one still needs to progress." The High Witch frowned before she continued. "Unfortunately, many times the grades are pursued not for the desire to progress, but to impress and gain the adulation of others. 'So-and-so has reached that grade, so I have to. I have to surpass so-and-so.' That sort of thing. Any perceived rights and privileges are non-existent. Except that once you attain any of the Adeptus grades, you are qualified to teach the lessons of any of the previous grades. Outside of that we are all equals and should treat each other as such."

Uriel was overwhelmed, not only by what Khyrhyelle imparted, but by her depth of knowledge and her ability to relate it. "It's a lot to take in. I'm not sure about all this."

"As well you should not be. Do not accept merely because it is I who speak. Seek out the answers to your questions and find the truths within yourself. But remember, some truths are best left veiled until the Soul can bear the weight of their knowledge."

As he reflected on their conversation, Uriel noticed that the sky had turned overcast and the light breeze had given way to a cooler wind. He wondered if he detected the hint of a warning in her last statement.


"Damn!" the sylph said, struggling with the barrier surrounding the Towers. "Relax, just calm down," he said out loud. "How in the abyss am I supposed to relax with that thing out there?" he asked himself. "Just shut up and do it," he said, answering his own question. Finally successful, he raced to the Guard Station.

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