Chapter 10

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"The interesting thing is, Uriel, that if I were to cast that spell on you right now, you would only be mildly stunned and only for a very short time. You must have the ability to enhance the properties of a spell. And though the power frightens you, you really should become more familiar with the art, especially if any more altercations like this afternoon arise."

Uriel left Khyrhyelle standing and sat in front of the fireplace. "Khyrhyelle, what about this afternoon? What do you make of it?"

Khyrhyelle let out a sigh. "Two things. First, we were foolish to think that they, whoever they may be, forgot about you. You are obviously still their utmost priority. Secondly, we will all have to be very careful whenever we leave the grounds."

"What reason would there be to leave the grounds?"

"The Midsummer Day celebrations for one."

"What's MidSummer Day?"

"Ah, you have not studied the festivals yet, have you?" Khyrhyelle remarked.

Uriel shook his head. "No, I haven't got to them yet."

"We celebrate eight festivals during the course of our year, one of which is MidSummer Day. It is a celebration of life, marking the time when the day is the longest and night the shortest. It represents the pinnacle of life, the supreme triumph of light over dark."

"How do you celebrate it?" Uriel asked.

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