Chapter 10

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Uriel suddenly felt the heat of the fire on his face. He shifted uncomfortably. "Are you alluding to…" Uriel fumbled for the right word but left it hang.

"Sex? Yes," Khyrhyelle responded in a matter-of-fact manner. "For some, it reaches the point where they have taken to enjoying the company of other women. Dhynelle, for instance, though she has had abhorrence of men for a very long time."

"What about you? You have two daughters." The question no sooner left his mouth than he was embarrassed to have asked it.

"It was the first MidSummer Day after I became High Witch. There had been a great deal of dissent concerning my ascension. The year had been a trying one and the pressure I felt was great. I went away for the celebration with every intention of releasing my frustrations. I came upon a small festival and indulged myself with strong wines and meads, and I imagine someone took their liberties with me."

Uriel was incredulous. "Someone would rape the High Witch?"

"It was unlikely he, they, knew who I was. And I never said I was unwilling."

Uriel tried to disregard the 'they.' "You don't even know who the father is?"

She shrugged. "I remember little of that evening." Khyrhyelle reflected inwardly for a moment before continuing. "Arhyvhynne was an entirely different matter. I had so much enjoyed Eyrmysse that I decided I wanted another child. A man, an earl that kept us in supplies on a continuing basis had become enamored with me. He was a good person, decent, fair and hard working. He kept trying to convince me to marry him, which as a witch I could not, nor had I any desire to do. I did decide however, that he would make a good father and so I made him the proposition that he could be with me during the MidSummer celebration, but that I would keep any female offspring he bore on me. At first he was reluctant, but he agreed after realizing that would be the only way and the only time he would have me."

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