Chapter 10

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Though it was getting late and Uriel was physically exhausted, he knew he would not be able to sleep. His emotions were running wild. Part of him was afraid that if he went to sleep, he might wake up and find out that it was all a dream. Ironically, it was not long ago that he wished that were the case. Another part of him wanted to retrace every word and feeling that passed between Khyrhyelle and him and drown in that luscious high, but he knew that would probably drive him crazy. Still another part told him he was crazy for not going back to Khyrhyelle and taking her in his arms and spending the night with her. He opted to stop by his room to pick up a book and proceeded to the library. He figured he could try to do some studying which might help to put off, at least temporarily, sorting through these newly released feelings.

Uriel returned the book he brought to a shelf and chose one concerning the festivals of Khaballe. He sat at a table, lit a candle and turned pages for a half hour retaining little if anything he read. Whenever he ran across anything concerning MidSummer, he would think about the celebrations which in turn led him to fantasizing about Khyrhyelle and him. He was still too happy and too excited and too everything else to actually get any pertinent information from his reading. He was doing poorly at keeping his emotions under control. His latest feelings however, were an onslaught of guilt. Memories of Lynn and Danny haunted him, arguing that he should not allow himself to become entangled in any relationships.

A flash caught his eye, dragging him from his self ministrations. Uriel was startled to see a silver moon dangling from a chain across from him. He looked up from where the moon was nestled in a valley of cleavage to a playful smile and then to enticing violet eyes. "I didn't hear you come in."

"How could you? You were leagues, if not worlds away." Eyrmysse was leaning slightly forward, her arms folded and resting on the table.

Uriel was totally disoriented. He let out a deep breath. "Yeah. Yeah, I guess I was. What are you doing here at this hour?"

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