Chapter 10

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Eyrmysse raised an eyebrow. "I could ask the same question."

Eyrmysse always seemed to make Uriel uncomfortable. "I was, uh, just studying."

The black robe gazed at his book. "The festivals. Which one interests you?"

Uriel said, "The celebrations of MidSummer," and saw the witch's smile widen. Damn, I walked right into this one!

Eyrmysse sat back and played with a black curl. "My favorite," she said. She pushed herself away from the table and stood up slowly, allowing Uriel to caress her body with his eyes. Then she fixed her gaze on him, not allowing him to break the contact. She moved with fluidity, letting her words carefully embrace him. "MidSummer Day is a celebration of life and the creation of life. It is intertwined with the passions of power and the lusts of the soul. It is the visitation to the temple of the flesh and the worship of pleasure. It is the essence of sensuality."

Uriel's mouth was dry, his palms wet and he was sure Eyrmysse could hear his heart pounding. It only got worse when she came around the table and stood next to him. Eyrmysse reached out and Uriel froze with trepidation, not even allowing himself to breathe. But Eyrmysse simply picked the book up off the table.

"A wizard with your powers should not waste his time with things of this nature. Your studies should be solely of the magical arts." Eyrmysse left with the book, losing herself in one of the library's many aisles. Uriel thought it a good time to leave. He got up, stretched, looked around and not seeing the witch anywhere, made for the door. But with his hand on the door, he heard Eyrmysse call "Wait!"

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