Chapter 10

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Eyrmysse walked up to Uriel holding three books. She held them out to him and he accepted them. "These are much more appropriate for someone of your stature," she said. Uriel looked at the titles: Guardians of the Black Arts, Rite & Ritual and Theurgical Goety. A severe shiver ran the length of his spine as he could almost feel the power the books emanated. He became aware, as if for the first time, how the library looked eerie, bathed only in candlelight. He was scared.

He paged through one of the books, feigning interest. A drawing on a page caught his attention and saw that the subject matter referred to sexual magic. Uriel quickly closed the book and tried to hand all three back to Eyrmysse. He attempted a look of confidence with a half smile as he said "I don't think I'll be needing these."

The black robe gave him an intense look. "You are probably right," she agreed, though she did not take the books back. "You have shown your mastery in a great many ways. Only you are capable of performing the Ritual of Renascence as was intended by the great ones. And even your minor spells are so great that they can have an effect on a SoulSlayer. The others fear you, but not I. No, I would worship you. Make me your apprentice. Teach me. Show me the greatest magic."

Uriel shook his head, trying to discourage her. "Eyrmysse, the greatest magic I know of is love."

"Then show me love." Eyrmysse threw her long black locks back seductively and slowly ran both her hands from her thighs to her chest. Her hands stopped there and she drew the left side of her robe away, revealing an ample breast. An endless moment passed before Eyrmysse cupped her breast with her right hand and sensually massaged the nipple with her thumb and forefinger. A small moan escaped her as she bit her lower lip and moved towards Uriel.

Uriel was torn between fright and desire. He murmured, "No," but Eyrmysse paid no attention. They were face to face now, and Uriel was becoming intoxicated with the smell of her hair, her perfume. Eyrmysse reached down with her left hand and forced him to drop the books. Then she took his right hand and moved it to her exposed supple flesh. God help me, Uriel thought. Just then, the library door opened hitting him square in the back and sending him to the floor. Arhyvhynne walked in and immediately went to help Uriel up. Eyrmysse, meanwhile, had spun around and adjusted herself before her sister even knew she was there.

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