Chapter 10

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"Are you all right?" Arhyvhynne asked Uriel.

"Yeah, I'm okay. I'm fine."

"Eyrmysse?" Arhyvhynne gave her sister a puzzled look. "I am sorry. Have I interrupted anything?"

Uriel didn't give Eyrmysse a chance to respond. "No. No, nothing at all. Your sister was just helping me select some books, that's all." Uriel had a thought and quickly added, "Since you're here, would you mind giving me your opinion as well?"

Arhyvhynne was flattered. "Certainly," she responded.

Eyrmysse gave Uriel a cold stare, leaving no question as to her displeasure. "Yes, by all means sister, please assist our little wizard. I believe I have done all I could for him, tonight." Eyrmysse moved past Arhyvhynne to the door, then turned and stopped. She tossed her head, twisted a curl and allowed her smile to return. But the smile looked cruel and calculated to Uriel. "Until we meet again." As Eyrmysse left the library, Uriel wondered if it was just coincidence that she used the same parting shot as did the SoulSlayer.

While Uriel stared at the door, Arhyvhynne picked up the books and examined them. She was dismayed. "You are not going to study these are you?"

"Huh? No. No, your sister picked them out for me." Although Uriel wanted to retreat to the quiet of his room, he thought he really should take advantage of Arhyvhynne being here and get her help in selecting a couple of spell books. Reflecting on the events of the day, he felt it was time he began to play by house rules. And apart from Khyrhyelle, he respected, trusted and liked Arhyvhynne most. "I didn't want to say anything with Eyrmysse here but I thought you might help me pick out something more… appropriate. Something relatively easy that I could start out with."

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