Chapter 10

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"You must forgive Eyrmysse. She is beautiful and arrogant and tends to immerse herself in obtaining power. She uses all her talents to draw others down her chosen Path. She is very accomplished for her age. And I say that as a colleague, not her sister. Though I must admit I wish she had chosen the white Path. Eyrmysse would have been a highly regarded white robe. But I respect her choice. She is my sister and I admire and love her very much."

Uriel nodded agreement, thinking how well Arhyvhynne knew her sister, though he just couldn't picture her wearing white. Or maybe he just couldn't see her in anything other than black.

Arhyvhynne helped Uriel select two books to help him begin to understand magic. One, simply entitled White Magic, was the book Arhyvhynne herself began with. She spent a good deal of time painstakingly describing some pertinent details to Uriel before she even allowed him to open the book. And Uriel appreciated it, gaining insights that had previously escaped him.

"I think you would make a wonderful teacher," he told her.

"Thank you."

"No, thank you. You have no idea in how many ways you have helped me this evening."

Arhyvhynne's deep blue eyes shone. "It pleases me greatly that I have been able to help you, even in this small manner."

Uriel bade her good night, thinking how happy he was that he was able to bring such a truly good person back from the dead.


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