Chapter 10

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Uriel returned to his room to find the door slightly ajar. He stood outside his room, not sure what to do. He had visions of Eyrmysse lying in bed, waiting for him with her nakedness. Then he thought it might be Khyrhyelle. He pushed the door very slowly and carefully, at most an inch and tried to peek in but spied no telltale clues. Finally he worked up enough nerve to enter.

Uriel walked into an empty room. A cursory glance indicated that nothing had been disturbed. He placed the books onto a table and moved to the window. Arms over his head, he leaned against the wall and looked out at the two moons. He ran the events of the day through his mind, quickly passing over some, lingering on others. He turned around and rolled his neck, trying to relieve some of his tension. It was then he noticed something on his pillow.

He moved to the bed and picked up what he now knew was a note. It read:

Go to the first dungeon level.
Enter the sixth room on the right.
Wait for me there.
Come alone. Tell no one.


Uriel read the note over again. He wondered why Khyrhyelle wanted to see him at this hour, why it couldn't wait a couple hours until the morning. He also questioned why he had to be alone and why he couldn't tell anyone. His thoughts were interrupted when the note suddenly flared, startling him. His frantic hands opened to release the note, but to his amazement found it had vanished without leaving a trace. Evidently, Khyrhyelle was taking no chances. Uriel exhaled a loud sigh and said "Just what I need after a day like today, more intrigue."

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