Chapter 10

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Uriel woke with a start. He was instantly wide awake, keenly aware of a dread which coursed through his body. He had no conception as to how much time had passed, but he knew he had to find an escape from the ward. Now. He suddenly knew there was only one reason for someone to want to keep him here.

He studied the ward and saw that it had begun to fade. Not enough! he thought. He cursed his failure to bring the book on magic. It could have supplied a way out. Uriel considered his alternatives. Although he thought better of it, he took his staff, pointed it at the ward barring his exit and spoke a Word. Lightning from the staff struck the ward but ricocheted off. Uriel ducked as the bolt dangerously caromed off ceiling, walls and floor before it struck Uriel a painful, if light blow on the arm. Ignoring the burning in his arm, Uriel examined the ward. He decided it was considerably weaker and that he might be able to get through it now.

Uriel held his staff as a lance, lowered his left shoulder, braced himself, and then ran full force into the barrier. A massive, excruciating shock surged through his system, rendering him momentarily unconscious. He was badly shaken and in a great deal of pain. He felt burning sensations in many places on his body. He opened his eyes, blinking several times before he could determine he had made it to the hallway. The realization that he made it through the barrier strengthened his resolve. Move. Move, damn it, before it's too late! With the help of his staff, Uriel gained his feet and staggered off into the darkness.


The cowled and black robed witch moved stealthily through the hallway. She had been very careful, making sure no one had seen her. The witch did not even use a torch or candle, preferring to be concealed in the comfort of the shadows. She reached her destination, tried the door, found it bound by magic. Nothing less than expected. A few Words and a couple of signs and the door was opened. She silently closed it behind her.

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