Chapter 10

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The witch viewed her prey as pangs of guilt showered down on her. No matter. It must be done. She removed the contents from within the folds of her robe and prepared them. This would be the critical part. She had to wait for the ingredients to blend properly. As the magical properties increased, so did the chance that her victim would sense their presence. Anxious moments passed without incident. The black robe gathered the mixture and sprinkled it over the victim's body while reciting the appropriate Words. A web-like substance first enveloped the body, seeped into it and then constricted the vitals. The victim lay enervated, unable to prevent life from being slowly and painfully drained away.


Though Khyrhyelle was deep in sleep, a part of her, a magical sense, knew something was amiss. Her will fought desperately to leave the rest she knew she needed, but the response of her flesh was sluggish. When she came awake, it was only to find herself unable to move. She helplessly struggled against what felt like a sticky film encompassing her entire body. Pain exploded throughout her being as the substance penetrated her body and clenched her internals in a vice.

The High Witch knew what was happening now and with that knowledge, also knew there was nothing she could do. She was deep in the throes of a powerful black magic and she had no way to reverse the process. She was dying. The thought did not frighten her. What frightened her was the reason why someone would want her dead.

Amidst the agonizing pain, Khyrhyelle could still feel her energy seep away. The High Witch focused on the energy, reached out with her will and gathered power for what she was sure would be the last time. She used the remnants of her strength to open her eyes. And she beheld her murderer.

Strength and will were abandoned. Her mind swirled in a frenzy, Tarot cards flashed by, their meanings screamed in her mind. Khyrhyelle's last thought was of Uriel and then the pain was gone. She felt her Self leaving, went through her reflections and then Khyrhyelle was embraced by the Light.

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