Chapter 11

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The swim was a long and cumbersome one, but such things had become routine and frequently necessary in his line of work. Once, after completing an assignment, he was required to seek refuge with the rats in the damp darkness of a cellar. Another time found him residing in the sewers of a city for an extended period. In comparison, the swim was not much of a sacrifice.

With the aid of the night gloom, Mhylzul passed into the city proper undetected. He made his way to a pier on the western bank and emerged from the river under its cover. He moved into an alleyway and began looking for some dry clothes. The first set Mhylzul found was on someone much smaller than him. He was a big man but did not have any distinguishing features. Except for his eyes. They were as black as his hair and held no mercy for anyone. Three more people passed and the cold was becoming bothersome before he found a suitable candidate. Obviously inebriated, the fellow would not be able to put up much of a fight. Still, Mhylzul wanted to prevent any kind of a scene. A blow to the head preceded his acquisition of a new wardrobe.

Mhylzul left the alleyway in search of the White Wyvern, a tavern named for the albino lizard which guarded the premises. He tried not to make a habit of staying in the same place twice, but knew he would have to in Bhel'Ehzz. The capital was kept relatively clean from the baser elements of society. There were only a handful of establishments where one could be served without inquiries. Fewer were the places where one could procure a woman.

The gloom and chill had made the White Wyvern busy tonight. Mhylzul entered and his nostrils were immediately assaulted by the odors of liquor, sweat and cheap perfume. He made a quick survey. A bard, singing the stories of times past had a crowd in the far corner. A voluptuous serving wench occupied a group in another corner. An intense gambling party occupied the third. There were no vacant tables and only one or two seats at the bar. Mhylzul was pleased. He would not be remembered.

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