Chapter 11

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Mhylzul made his way to the bar and took several minutes to eavesdrop on parts of barroom conversations. Satisfied with what he heard from one customer, he occupied one of the remaining seats next to him. Then he waited a few minutes for the bartender. The bartender, Ghudher, was a big, well-muscled bald man. He nodded to Mhylzul. "Ale," Mhylzul said, then laid down a silver pennhutz. "Strong," he added.

The bartender eyed the coin, then Mhylzul. Most of his patrons paid with copper pennhutz and most could not afford the stronger ale. He turned and came back a moment later with a mug, setting it before Mhylzul. Ghudher reached for the coin and Mhylzul, with lightning quick reflexes, pinned the bartender's hand to the bar with his left hand. They eyed each other coldly, but neither spoke a word. His eyes never leaving the barkeep, Mhylzul grabbed the mug with his right hand and did not put it back down until its contents were gone. He nodded his approval and then smiled. A tremendous belch followed and then, turning the bartender's hand over, he placed another silver coin into it. "Just makin' sure," Mhylzul said, still smiling. Ghudher walked away, not amused.

Mhylzul consumed two more strong ales before he decided to start planting seeds. He turned to the man on his right and asked, "Whatta you think?"

"Huh?" A middle-aged man, well into his drinking, turned glassy eyes to Mhylzul.

"Didn't you hear 'em?"


"The knights, man, the knights."

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