Chapter 11

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"Knights! Where?" The man's eyes grew large and then began craning his neck, looking for knights.

"They were there, they saw 'em."

"Saw who?"

"Slayers!" he hissed.

"Slayers!" the man yelled.

Mhylzul backhanded him on the arm. "Shh. Don't let it get around." The man nodded vigorously. Mhylzul continued just above a whisper. "They say a wizard's come. Ghost of Thaum or somethin' like that." Mhylzul made a sign of protection. "They said they're up north. Comin' south. Been takin' everybody. Lost nine of their own before comin' back. Villages emptyin' out. Rumor is them bastards even took the High Witch."

The man turned to tell the story to his drinking partner and remembered his imposed vow of silence. He turned back, eager for more of the terrifying news, only to find an empty seat.


Mhylzul had made his way to the end of the bar and cornered Ghudher. "I'm lookin' for a bit of companionship."

Ghudher snorted, "Aren't we all."

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