Chapter 11

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Mhylzul pulled out a gold pennhutz. "I'm a bit more determined than others."

The bartender understood the double meaning. "Seven gold. Plus whatever the girl wants."

"Five. And not a copper more."

Ghudher folded his massive arms. "The price is seven."

Mhylzul liked the bartender. He had guts. He was stupid and was trying to steal him blind, but he had guts. He decided to give him one more chance. Mhylzul pulled out five gold pennhutz and said, "I strongly suggest you take the five." His smile was completely unnerving.

Sweat poured down Ghudher as he weighed his options. The din in the White Wyvern was steadily increasing and many at the bar were demanding more liquor. Finally he shook his head and moving past Mhylzul said, "Keep yer money."

Mhylzul grabbed the bartender's arm. He said quietly to his back, "My final offer. Four gold and the White Wyvern will still be standing in the morning."

Ghudher was not a man who was frightened easily. But something about Mhylzul did indeed scare the hell out of him. This guy was more than he seemed. He did not think he was bluffing. Again, loud calls caught his attention from the bar. He figured it was a good way to save face. He turned around and shook his arm free. He tried to give Mhylzul a look of anger mixed with frustration. "Deal," he said. "And make it fast. Customers are waitin' on me."

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