Chapter 11

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Just then an excited patron latched on to the bartender. "Ghudher! Ghudher! Did you hear about the SoulSlayers? Slayers are coming! Slayers!"

"What?" asked Ghudher, totally confused.

"Slayers! They took twenty-five knights up north. Even took the High Witch. And they say Thaum's come back!" With that the man made a sign.

Somehow Mhylzul managed a look of horror while smiling inwardly. It was more than worth it, he laughed to himself. He took Ghudher's hand and placed seven gold pennhutz in it. The bartender looked at his hand and then lifted puzzled eyes to Mhylzul. Mhylzul held his gaze for a moment and then asked, "Where are they?"

"Follow me," Ghudher managed in a shaky voice. Ghudher led Mhylzul down two corridors and up two flights of stairs. He showed him several girls. "Pick a girl and a room, I gotta get back." He hurried back down the stairs and to the bar. Along the way he wondered which disturbed him more, the rumors of Slayers or the man upstairs taking liberties with one of the girls.


Mhylzul decided on a room before he selected a girl. He checked four rooms before settling on one. He wanted one with a view. Always leave yourself an out, he thought. The one he chose was being used, but he managed to convince the occupants to leave. He then picked a young elven girl to spend the night with. Mhylzul had a thing for elves. Something about almond eyes and pointed ears. He often contemplated the possibility of any elven blood in his heritage.

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