Chapter 11

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After four times, Mhylzul finally fell into a deep slumber. The girl was thankful. He had been very rough with her and refused to pay her, saying he wanted her to stay till the morning should he want her again. She believed she deserved to be compensated now. The girl carefully got out of bed and began to go through his things. She found some wicked-looking weapons, papers with names and places and various pouches before she came across any money. She took some silver and copper and hid it behind a loose part of the wall. Then she decided to take some of his papers, hiding them as well.

Although still very early, morning came too quickly for either one of them. The elf girl rolled over and moaned as Mhylzul rose, stretched and did his customary visual inspection of his belongings. He immediately knew they had been tampered with. He had left his pack five floorboards from the wall and the pack was now resting against it. He always left his things a certain way and used mental markings as verification. This was not the first time it paid off.

He went to his pack, rummaged through it and took something out. He went back to the bed and adjusted his pillow. Then he slapped the girl on her bare bottom. The girl turned onto her back and Mhylzul placed ten silver pennhutz on her stomach. "Once more," he said. The ten silver coins plus what she took during the night made her very compliant.

After he was spent, Mhylzul kissed her forehead and reached under his pillow. Then, in what for him was a fond farewell, he kissed her left breast before slipping his knife up and under it. The girl had just enough time to gasp before dying.

Mhylzul searched the room and quickly found the papers and money the girl had taken. If it was only the money he would not have had to kill her. But if she was able to read, the papers could have been very incriminating. He shook his head. Greedy bitch, he thought. Mhylzul took a copper and with a sarcastic smile inserted it into her. Then he dressed her, careful not to get any blood on the sheets. After making sure the alley was clear, he tossed her out the window. He stared down at the crumpled form for a moment, realizing he hadn't even known her name. "Too bad, you were pretty good."

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