Chapter 11

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Gathering his belongings, Mhylzul went downstairs. He bought an ale and mentioned his displeasure to Ghudher about the girl leaving him in the middle of the night. Then he went out searching. It didn't take him long to find what he needed. He hit an already unconscious drunk and carried him over to the girl. He draped him over her and placed the bloody knife in his hand. He was being sloppy, but he didn't much care. They would find a bloody girl and a man with a bloody knife. It would be good enough.

Mhylzul made a quick stop back at the White Wyvern. He motioned to Ghudher and the barkeep went to him. Mhylzul whispered even though there was only one other person in the room. "I found your girl. You better have a look out back." The barkeep's face lost its color. Ghudher went outside to see what had happened to the girl. When he returned Mhylzul was nowhere in sight.

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