Chapter 12

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Uriel turned his eyes to the High Witch. "Come back. Khyrhyelle, please come… back." Uriel's eyes suddenly went wild with the recollection of his powers. He looked at Arhyvhynne and said, "I can bring her back!" Then he turned to the others as well and repeated himself. "I can bring her back! I can! I can do it!" Uriel touched Khyrhyelle with his staff and immediately tried to get into trance.

Arhyvhynne instantly grabbed hold of Uriel and shouted at him, "You cannot! It has been too long. You will lose yourself. You will die!" Uriel paid no heed and continued to attempt to build the proper images. But his energy level was spent and his will could no longer be sustained. Still he tried, however.

Then Uriel heard a voice which cut through his mind like a knife. Slowly he turned to look with dread into violet eyes. "Her Soul has already departed, Uriel. You cannot bring her back. An attempt of renascency after the Soul has departed would result in you losing your Soul as well." Eyrmysse twisted her final words into Uriel's heart. "You are too late."

With all hope taken away from him and replaced with oppressive guilt, Uriel slumped to the floor. Despair settled upon him. Somewhere in his mind he heard the words of the SoulSlayer Ahrokh predicting Khyrhyelle's demise. Then the words were accompanied by deep, guttural laughter. The tears only stopped when the darkness came.


This time, Uriel was spared the agony of apprehension. The Dark Ones were waiting for him. "You have once again succeeded in furthering our endeavor and proving yourself a worthy servant. Thank you, little worm." The words "Thank you" repeatedly echoed through his mind, becoming thunderous. Then the words transformed to a mocking "I love you," the voices a sick dissonance which parodied Khyrhyelle's harmonious tones. Macabre images of Ahrokh with Khyrhyelle assailed him.

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