Chapter 12

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The sound of Lhynette's voice brought the old witch back to the present. "I am sorry?" Wyxotte said, thinking she had not heard right.

"I do not wish to be a candidate," Lhynette repeated for her. "It is not my place. There is one more suitable than I."

Wyxotte gave Lhynette an incredulous look. It was generally thought it would come down to Lhynette and Eyrmysse with the white robe hopefully becoming High Witch in the end. "Goddess I am too old for this."

Qelharre came in on cue. "You are too old for anything other than death. And you would surely receive that were you to be a candidate and attempt the Trial."

"It never ceases to amaze me how stupid you can be." Wyxotte shook her head then looked to the ceiling and implored the Goddess. Then the dwarf directed her attentions back to the elf. "Do you really think I have any desire to become High Witch?"

"But that only leaves Arhyvhynne," Qelharre said.

"Exactly," stated Lhynette.

Shock showed itself in the faces of the other Council members, Arhyvhynne more in disbelief than the others. "No! I will not!" the young white robe shouted, then stood abruptly and ran from the Chambers.


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