Chapter 12

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Arhyvhynne, already in tears hugged Uriel tightly. "Uriel, I miss her so much. I wish she was here." And Uriel, unable and unwilling to contain his sorrow, hugged her back. For gentle moments they shared each other's grief, beginning the healing process they both needed. Finally they let loose of one another and made embarrassed attempts at drying their eyes.

They talked of Khyrhyelle for a while, exchanging stories that at times made each other laugh and other times cry. Finally, Uriel asked the question that they both had been avoiding. "What are you going to do?"

"I am not really sure. I am not sure what they expect of me."

"Does it really matter what they expect?"

The young witch shook her head. She was silent for a moment as she struggled with some inner battle. "I think I know what I should do, but I do not know if I can."

Uriel gave a short laugh. "I sympathize, believe me." Then he took Arhyvhynne's hand and stared into her sapphire eyes. "If you truly believe it is something you should do. If the feeling within is undeniable. If your Soul pushes you in that direction, then it is the next step in your progression and you are capable of doing it. It may be difficult at first, but you have it within yourself."

"Thank you, Uriel," Arhyvhynne said. She attempted a little smile of confidence and then turned to leave.

"Arhyvhynne," Uriel called as she reached the door and opened it. When Arhyvhynne looked at him, there was no pretense of confidence, no attempt to mask her feelings. She again looked too young and too frail to have to deal with this. He could see the unbearable weight she carried reflected in her eyes. He wanted to say some magical words that would guide her through this. But he could only stand there looking at her, hoping she would persevere but thinking she could not.


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