Chapter 12

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Wyxotte raised her torch high above her head, signaling the beginning of Khyrhyelle's Last Rites. The cry of the wind was the only audible sound as the hooded witches joined hands and bowed their heads. Wyxotte began: "In the Name of the Wisdom, and of the Love, and of the Justice, and the Infinite Mercy of the ONE ETERNAL SPIRIT. Sisters, let us call into our consciousness Those Great Entities, the Keepers of the Kingdom, of Whom the Goddess is our principal connection." Again, the only sound was the howling of the gales as the witches made contact with their Higher Selves. Then Wyxotte continued: "Before all was nothing save the SUPREME SPIRIT." From somewhere physical or not, a gong sounded. "The Word of Will was Uttered." Gong. "I AM became WE ARE." Gong. "Life, Light, Love and Law constructed the Cosmos. And such is our concept of Creative Conscious Energy Itself as Existing Cosmos." Gong. "Whoever has the least capacity for Love need never fear extinction. Love is immortal in Itself and is the real elixir of Eternal Life. They that live in Love with the DIVINE ONE shall not perish, but will only change conditions of awareness and existence." Gong.

The witches began a chant which was at once beautiful to hear and painful to listen to. As the chanting grew in fervor, the light from the twin moons merged into a single beam which descended upon Khyrhyelle. A vision of the High Witch appeared in each attenders mind. Khyrhyelle was dressed in bright light, her silver hair shining, her grey eyes revealing compassion, her heart emitting love. The vision faded as the chanting ended.

There was a period of silence before Eyrmysse moved to the foot of the bridge and prostrated herself before Wyxotte. She spoke the ritual words seeking permission to cross the bridge and stand as a candidate for High Witch. After the dwarf consented (reluctantly), Eyrmysse rose, crossed the bridge, stood to the left side of the pyre and tossed back her cowl, torch in hand. Thus, the black robe candidate for High Witch took her place at the crematory.

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