Chapter 12

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The sisters recited the final blessing together, Eyrmysse saying "Midnight" and Arhyvhynne "Morning." Then Eyrmysse, her face stoic, lit the pyre. Arhyvhynne hesitated, as she was openly crying again and had difficulty seeing through tearful eyes. But finally she placed her torch upon the pyre and the flames ascended high into the night.

Wyxotte led the congregation in a short chant followed by a silent moment of reflection. Then she ended the ceremony: "Whoever has the least capacity for Love need never fear extinction. Love is immortal in Itself and is the real elixir of Eternal Life. They that live in Love with the DIVINE ONE shall not perish, but will only change conditions of awareness and existence. In the Name of the Wisdom, and of the Love, and of the Justice, and the Infinite Mercy of the ONE ETERNAL SPIRIT." Gong.

The witches withdrew to the Towers as they had appeared, in pairs but now singing hymns. It also appeared that FireQueen had returned to her subterranean home. Soon only the sisters, Uriel and Ghemella were left. Upon the islet, Eyrmysse gazed at her sister through the flames. Her look was one of both arrogance and contempt. Arhyvhynne was no longer a sister, but an adversary that stood in her way to becoming High Witch. Arhyvhynne returned her sister's look, knowing the path before her would not easily be tread. Eyrmysse offered up her half smile and then left, but Arhyvhynne remained, her mind occupied with all that had taken place and all that was still to come. When the flames got dangerously close, Uriel and Ghemella escorted Arhyvhynne off the islet. The three stayed in the Grove until the fire burned itself and their grief out.

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