Chapter 13

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"Will it never end with you?" Mharkhel said, his eyes still hard.

"It will end when she finally grows tired of your imagined lowliness and chooses to love me."

Mharkhel's dark eyes smoldered. He was about ready to offer a retort when someone bumped into him. The man was dressed in well-worn leathers and was accompanied by another who was hooded and wore black robes. The one in leathers gave Mharkhel a dirty look before he and his companion seated themselves at the next table.


"Who in the abyss is this?" Mhylzul whispered in an irritated tone. He was under the impression that he was only meeting one person and did not like having the knights' attention directed toward them.

The one in robes, though he appeared to be young, was frail. He pointed a small hand to the other and announced, "Neghez, your assistant."

"My ass!" Mhylzul quickly regained his composure and lowered his voice. "I work alone. Were you not informed?"

Neghez placed his hands on the table and began to speak as he arose. "I—"

"Shut up and sit down," Mhylzul said, eyes glaring. Neghez, however, did not sit until the robed person placed a hand on his arm.

The black robe patted Mhylzul's hand, discreetly letting a pouch slide into it. He smiled at Mhylzul, saying "I thought it best that I procure some aid to assist you in this most important endeavor."

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