Chapter 13

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Mhylzul tucked the pouch away without thought to counting the gold. He considered Neghez, then the black robe before speaking. Mhylzul used his most diplomatic voice. "I appreciate your concern, but I assure you, it won't be necessary."

Neghez gave his counterpart a cynical look. "You can't do it alone." The black robe shook his head at Neghez, showing disapproval. Mhylzul simply ignored him.

"I take it you have made arrangements then?" the black robe asked.

"Everything is in place." Mhylzul was lying through his teeth. He didn't even have a plan yet, but he'd be damned if he would work with anyone else. He was one of the Khezef Ahf after all.

The Khezef Ahf was an elite order of professional assassins. The order was so secretive that most of the members did not even know one another, the assassins only being identifiable by the brand of the runic letters KA over their heart. The assassins committed murder with cold calculation, rarely missing a target. Their incentive was great, for if they did they were required to take their own life. The leader of the Khezef Ahf was, of course, an unknown, referred to only as The Watcher and rumor had it that there was one placed even higher than him. Or her. There were several layers of buffers between The Watcher and the assassins, at least six that were known.

Procuring an assassin was an expensive proposition. One had to compensate The Watcher and his or her intermediaries even before the job was accepted and assigned. If The Watcher did not accept the contract, the money was not returned. If it was accepted, the assassin also demanded a fee—in advance—even though the job was not guaranteed.

Sensing that he was being slighted and opportunity was passing by, Neghez tried to cause the black robe to reconsider. "I got you the information you needed. I can get anything else. I can still be of value."

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