Chapter 13

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"No," Neghez murmured. "No, I have information… information for the King."

"Sure," Setryv said as he rolled his eyes. "Who were your friends?"

Neghez, though, refused to answer and only mumbled more about seeing the King as the knights led him away.


Part of a wall moved and Mhylzul entered a small, damp room which was dimly lit and had the acrid smell of a burnt out torch. The frail black robe who waited eyed Mhylzul cautiously. "Did anyone see you?"

"No. Do you have the uniform?"

The black robe handed the clothing to Mhylzul. "Return them to me when you have finished."

"Don't worry," Mhylzul said as he put on the clothes. "I'll dispose of them properly." He stopped before leaving the room. "You understand this will be an additional expense," he said to the black robe. Not waiting for a response, he snuck out of the room and made his way down dark corridors towards the cells. He encountered no one until he neared his destination. Then two guards rounded a corner causing Mhylzul to act quickly.

"You two," Mhylzul pointed at the guards as he called. "Where are you coming from?"

"Section E4," responded one of the guards. "Who—"

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