Chapter 13

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Mhylzul cut off any questions. "Where are the ones brought in earlier this evening?"

"E6," responded the other guard.

Mhylzul nodded curtly and moved past the two guards who decided to forgo any altercation and continue on their way. He found Section E6 after encountering only one other guard who, while emphatically swearing off liquor, was in the process of losing the contents of his stomach in a variety of ways. After examining several cells Mhylzul called to one of the prisoners.

The prisoner looked up and, with difficulty, made his way to the cell door. "What—"

Mhylzul grabbed the prisoner by the neck, choking off the question. "Talk is cheap," Mhylzul hissed into his ear. The prisoner's eyes bulged when he realized who actually had him. Terribly weakened from loss of blood and the earlier events of the evening, Neghez could only struggle against Mhylzul in vain.


"A bit early for a visit," Rhenycyn said as he looked out one of the windows of his private suite. The first sun was just peeking above the horizon.

"I am sorry for the intrusion Your Highness, but—"

"Rhenycyn, Mharkhel. Rhenycyn. Have I not told you to call me Rhenycyn when we are not in formal company?" The Prince, clothed in light blue, had turned and faced the knight.

"Yes, Rhenycyn," Mharkhel replied uncomfortably.

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