Chapter 13

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"I simply do not understand. You with this feeling of being unsuitable and her too dignified to make the initial move. The two of you have been playing this game for years now. It is no secret how you feel about each other. You do know she is totally taken with you, that she loves you very much?"

"How dare you!"

The Prince whirled around and saw his sister standing in the doorway. "Ellycyn, I—"

"How could you?" the Princess said quietly. "How could you?" she yelled and left, slamming the door.

Several seconds passed before the Prince spoke. "I am sorry, Mharkhel. I hope I have not caused the two of you any more problems. I should know better than to entangle myself in my sister's affairs." The knight looked offended. "No, I did not mean affairs, I meant concerns." Rhenycyn let out a long sigh and changed the subject. "Just what was it that you came to see me about?"

Mharkhel recounted the events of the previous evening to the Prince. After which he spoke of Neghez. "He will speak to none save the King. All we could get from him was that he had information concerning a supposed assassination plot."

"An assassination? On who? My father?"

"He would not say."

"He is just probably trying to save himself with this wild story." The Prince began pacing. "Although you did say that there was one among them dressed in wizard's garb. That seems odd. Did you recognize him as one of Athar's ten?"

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