Chapter 13

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"No, but I did not get a good look. Things happened very quickly and he had his hood on the whole time."

"What about Setryv?"

Mharkhel shook his head. "He said neither looked familiar to him. He did say that when he went after them it was as if they had disappeared. They were simply gone. No one knew who they were and no one saw them leave."

"Although I am quite sure," the Prince said, "that this Neghez is making a poor attempt at exonerating himself, we should still investigate."

The Prince readied himself and he and Mharkhel made their way down to the dungeons. When the knight found the cell containing Neghez empty, he called to a guard. "Where is the prisoner Neghez that was taken last night and confined to this cell?"

"Dead, Sir Mharkhel," the guard replied.

"How?" questioned Mharkhel incredulously.

"Died during the night. The slash across his throat must have opened up. He bled to death."

"His throat was cut?" Mharkhel asked. The guard nodded and the knight turned to the Prince, looked at him meaningfully. "He was badly hurt when we brought him in but there was not a mark on his throat much less a cut. He was murdered."

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