Chapter 13

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Rhenycyn's look did not betray the uneasiness that suddenly gripped his heart and mind.


The frail black robe knocked twice on the door, paused and then knocked once. The door opened by itself. "Enter," a voice from within called.

The wizard entered, the door closing behind him. Though both suns shone brightly outside, the room was wrapped in darkness, the atmosphere heavy. Bookcases filled with texts lined the walls. A few chairs as well as end tables were scattered about the periphery of the room. At the far end of the room was a couch, upon which lounged two naked women, chained to each other by the collars they wore. The center of the room was dominated by a large table fashioned from dark wood. A few black candles illuminated the cards that were spread across the table. At the table, the Dark Master sat in a massive and ornate chair, his back to the wizard. He was speaking in low, guttural tones, the words ancient. The wizard stood silently waiting for the magical communication to conclude.

A half hour and more passed before his master spoke. "Is it accomplished, Azarel?" he asked, his back still to the wizard.

"Yes, master," the frail black robe answered. "Neghez is no longer able to identify Mhylzul or myself. Nor is he capable of divulging any of the plan."

"I specifically instructed you that the one from the Khezef Ahf would be sufficient. I trust you will not err and doubt my wisdom again?"

"No, master."

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