Chapter 13

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"Good." Suddenly Azarel had a contorted look on his face and dropped to his knees. Pain coursed through his body and he desperately labored for air. "Then I assume that the next phase of our plan will transpire without any such… complications." As the Dark Master finished speaking, the pain eased away and Azarel was allowed to breathe again. "Arise." The wizard struggled to his feet. "Inform this Mhylzul that I want it accomplished as close to the Journey of Homage as possible. Do you have any questions?"

"Are the negotiations with all the cities' representatives proceeding smoothly?"

The Dark Master considered for a moment. "Well enough, though there are still those who are slightly less than enthusiastic. We still have time to… convince enough of them to view things in the correct perspective. Is there anything else?"

"Will you be going north, my lord?"

"No. Satarsmyt assures me Ahrokh is keeping a closer watch on Uriel than did his predecessors. They even had a slight encounter the other day. He continues to send the Slayers out on a regular basis. Enough to keep the rumors alive but not arouse the attention of the knights."

The Dark Master called Azarel and the women to him, having his way with each. Then he said, almost as if in passing, "There is one other item of note. I just received word from the north and the Towers. We were successful; Khyrhyelle is dead."

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